8 Different Ways To Detox Your Mind


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Detoxing your mind is a way of  cleansing your mind from negative and impure thoughts for a more productive lifestyle.

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1. Do exercises daily.

2. Spend time with yourself away from others, this way you can be alone with your thoughts

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3. Limit time spent on social media, spending too much time on social media will only have you feeling drained and tired and overfed with various information.

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4.  Spend time in nature for a clear mind

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5. Start journaling, this way, you can easily release the various thoughts in your head to clear your mind and prioritize easily.

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6. Always be around people and situations that keeps you motivated, that way you can easily drive out negative and impure thoughts.

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7. Keep your environment clean and tidy.

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8. Get good quality sleep of about 7-8 hrs daily.

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