8 Benefits of Almond


Image Credit: Pexels/Kafeel Ahmed

1. Almond can help to regulate blood sugar

Image Credit: Pexels/Felipe López Ruiz

2. Almonds are rich in essential nutrients needed by the body, such as protein, fiber and vitamins.

Image Credit: Pexels/Sarah Chai

3. Constant consumption of almonds improves heart health.

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4. Almonds can also help to reduce low cholesterol in the body.

Image Credit: Pexels/ Karolina Grabowska

5. Almonds are high in antioxidants which protects the body from free radicals.

Image Credit: Pexels/ Ba Tik

6. Helps with weight management especially when on a weight loss journey.

Image Credit: Pexels/Muverrihhanim

7. Almonds help keep the skin well nourished and healthy.

Image Credit: Pexels/Anete Lusina

8. Constant consumption of almonds can help boost mental awareness.

Image Credit: Pexels/George Milton