10 Tips For Growing Rosemary Plants in Your Home Garden

Omolara Rafiu APR 4, 2024

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 Ensure you plant your rosemary  in Spring or Fall

Here's What You Need

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 Instead of planting rosemary seeds, opt for an already established rosemary plant as they easily germinate than rosemary seed.


Plant your rosemary either directly in the ground or in a container


Mix the soil to be used with organic compost for nutrition and also ensure that the soil mixture is light.


Plant the rosemary inside the soil within 2-3 feet


Always keep the soil moist and not over wet


 If planted in a potted pot or a container ensure that you add fertilizer frequently to the soil to prevent it from running out of nutrition. However, you do not have to worry about this if it is planted directly in the ground.


 When the plant is done flowering, ensure that you prune it as much as necessary in order to shape its growth. However, do not shrub more than a third of the plant at a time, in order not to stress the shrub.

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